Monday, 16 July 2012

Scratching the Surface...

In the second part of our talent scouting round-up we wanted to focus on Surface Print. There is something we find quite special about taking something hand-drawn and turning into a crafted signature, it makes each designers work unique and equally personal. An illustrated diary of likes and loves, whether abstract or literal, these designers become artists in their own right.

First up is print designer Mandy Nguyen with her kaleidoscopic range of wallpaper designs we found on display at New Designers. With many prints being created using digital techniques, Mandy's come from her initial hand-drawn creations. Taking a small section, she scans and plays with configurations to create her unique, complex mix of geometry, colour and floral motifs.

Louise Dormer, a recent graduate from Leeds College of Art took her Spirits, Rituals and Superstitions collection to form the back-drop to her display at New Designers. We were actually drawn to her collection in particular a couple of times during our recent visit, and we especially liked the monotone designs she created with its repeated motifs and bold graphic statement.

It really is lovely to meet designers face-to-face and talk about their motivations and aspirations, and in the 'One Year On' showcase, we had a chance to get talking with Jessica Hogarth. She graduated in 2010 from Leeds College of Art, and has already established herself within the design industry using her hand-drawn aesthetic to create her brand, which spans across home accessories, gifts and greetings cards. Based in Yorkshire, she takes inspiration from where she grew up and depicting daily life on her travels across the U.K and Europe.

Another favourite from the 'One Year On' showcase was the work of Joanna Corney. In a similar way to Jessica, she takes inspiration from her travels, with a particular interest in Brighton. Her fresh take on the sea-side destination depicts some of the town's most recognisable features, with a bright and breezy feel which translates from textiles to tea-towels, bringing a bit of the sea-side to any home...

Next up...we'll be showcasing some of our favourite furniture finds...

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