Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Art as Life...

Not feeling the pressure at all when Wallpaper magazine asked for our thoughts via Twitter on the Bauhaus exhibition, we wanted to make sure we did it, and them justice!

The Barbican always manage to mould their iconic art gallery to fit in with its ever-changing residents and the current exhibition, Bauhaus: Art as Life currently on until the 12th August, did not disappoint. Curated in chronological order, sees the Bauhaus origins move from Arts and Crafts to the more recognisable Constructivist powerhouse we are more familiar with today.

Original works from icons such as Kandinsky and Klee sit alongside the more stark works by Mies Van der Rohe and Walter Gropius, which in essence summed up the mix of styles and influences that existed through its fourteen year reign.

Some of the more intriguing aspects were the insights into the designers lives, shown through film and photography, with self-portraits and group scenes showcasing the freedom of expression artists-in-residence were encouraged to embrace.

What surprised us the most was the range of designs, not only art, furniture and architecture, but textiles and clothing too. But what did exist in all aspects was the attention to detail, the intricacy and thought process involved, whether a woven tablecloth or the iconic Bauhaus building itself.

As a member, you lived and breathed it, and the title of the exhibition certainly sums up the ethos of the Bauhaus,  Art as Life...

For more details visit: The Barbican

Images credited to Zimbio

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