Saturday 7 July 2012

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Creativity comes in many forms, so it was such a treat for us when we were contacted by recent Contemporary Media Practise graduate Maresa Harvey. In search of an internship with us working on our blog, (something we unfortunately cannot offer at the moment), we thought we would invite her to write a guest post using a recent show or exhibition she had seen. So while we were scouting New Designer's in Islington, Maresa was down on Brick Lane looking out for work that caught her eye at FreeRange.

Of course, we know what we like, so we were intrigued, and equally excited to see someone else's take on the current crop of graduate talent, and she has not disappointed! Maresa's curated collection of illustration, photography, fine art and sculpture creates a perfect mix of truly talented new designer's and artists...

by Maresa Harvey

Now drawing to a close, I visited the opening of the penultimate week of Free Range last night; showcasing graduates work from disciplines in art, illustration and graphics. There was an extreme wealth of creative talent, making it very difficult to make a selection for recommendation. However, here are the eight that really caught my attention from the Arts University College, Bournemouth.

Downfall - Hollie Mackenzie

Mackenzies’ practice aims to discuss notions of utopia and dystopia. Her most recent project Downfall, explores such themes whilst looking at the transitional space of a stairwell. Created entirely of pine wood, her masterful carpentry skills present an alluringly mutated version of a passageway that we so commonly use. 

Liminal - Rebecca Pretty

The work of Rebecca Pretty looks at emerging and submerging figures. Placed inbetween a position of apparition and disappearance, the ambivalent nature of the work causes a contradiction of feelings between unease and tranquility.

Extractions - Becky Welford 

With her project Extractions, Becky Welford considers the continuing damage a thirty-six year long Civil War can impose on a country. Six years since the conclusion of peace negotiations in Guatemala, the stronghold of devastation, fear and distrust, are still ever prevalent throughout its society. The fragmented nature of the body of work metaphorically highlights this on-going process of repair.

Four Faces Eight Places - Alex Whitey

The sequence of photographs by Alex Whitey is produced in a western codex book, with a large-scale print at the entrance to the exhibition. The black and white, high contrast images document a relationship between spatial and temporal worlds that question notions of the common-place and mysterious.

Please Wait... - Louise Byng

Capturing moments of stillness, the series of work is captivating in its approach. Louise Byng successfully portrays the repetitive scenes of everyday life in Britain; highlighting the  ever common task of waiting that is such an inherent part of our culture.

Nikoo Bafti

Already familiar with the work of Nikoo Bafti, it was really nice to see her work in exhibition. The delicate fine line detail of ethereal scenes where truly beautiful to view. Exploring myths and fairytales, the body of work is captivating to look at.

Vinter Himmel - Marta Fjellheim
Illustration/ Animation

Norwegian artist Marta Fjellheim showcases a stop frame animation inspired by the cold winters of her home country. Set to a mystical soundtrack, the work is impressive in its craftmanship. The use of movement is particularly enjoyable, with seamless scenes of action.

Kirsty Britten

The large scale works of Kirsty Britten use photographic fragments as the basis for a exploration into the elusiveness of the image. Issues of memory, place and identity are discussed through the disjointed portrayal of the familiar and the foreign.

Exhibition continues: Friday 6th July - Monday 9th July
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