Saturday, 22 October 2011

Time to Shop...

Well it feels like a long time coming, but we've made it, our little on-line shop has opened to the public!

We have a fantastic selection of products from a number of featured graduate designers from all across the UK, and we see this very much of a celebration of the incredible talent that does exist from all corners of the country.

Over the next few weeks we'll be adding more product images, we just didn't anticipate how long the shooting and editing would take, so bear with us as we embellish, and prettify the existing range, and hopefully add even more pieces too.

We'll be launching Product of the Week, with an individual feature on all our contributing designers, a bit about them, their inspirations, and what they see themselves doing over the next few years.

Fundamentally, we want support, nurture and promote emerging creative graduates and part-time designers, we need more small enterprises, and hopefully we will inspire more designers to take the decision to continue with their passion of being creative, and not simply shelve it once graduation is it's time to shop...look, like and love it!

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